Our Dream

. . . is for CFTN - Tucson to be . . . 

  • a ministry that models New Testament church principles and reflects the character of Christ.
  • a church that practices the lost art of discipleship and produces strong, genuine followers of Christ.
  • a church that provides a powerful & relevant experience for the unchurched and an exciting & meaningful experience for believers.
  • an inviting and spiritually motivating atmosphere for young people and a safe and strategic environment for children.
  • a multi-generational church where young and old can worship together and pass on a spirit-filled legacy to the next generation.
  • a multi-racial church whose altar represents as many ethnicities as possible.
  • a place of healing and restoration for those who have been wounded in other church environments.
  • a church where people can develop and use their gifts, talents, and abilities to serve the Lord, each other, and the community.
  • a church that promotes and provides environments for building genuine relationships.
  • a training center where teams of leaders can be trained and released into the spiritual harvest fields and to plant churches.
  • a life-giving church that exceeds all of our expectations and dreams.